GRIPSystem - Professional Moving Equipment
OSHA Publicity!
Our thanks to the people at Cal-OSHA for including the GRIPsystem in their annual catalog of alternative safety products.

Test Results Are In!
A two year study at the University of California Davis reports that use of the GRIPSystem reduces back strain by up to 70%

NEW Colors
The GRIPSystem is now available in four color combinations to suit your company needs.

Refined Design
In an effort to improve an already amazing device, the GRIPSystem's R&D department has streamlined the harness and added a sizing chart for user convenience.














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Toll Free 877-842-5903
US Patent # 6.508,389
Canadian Pat # 2,362,089
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Since 1999
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State & Government
Cal-OSHA Catalog / PDF Download
Cal-OSHA contact:   Zin Cheung,     Ph. 916 574-2528
M.S., CIE certified Industrial Ergonomist, Associate Industrial Hygienist, Research and Education Unit, Cal/OSHA Consultation Service, Sacramento, California 
Washington State Department of Labor and Industries



Research Data
University of California / Davis, bio-mechanics study / PDF Download
*Note: This PDF contains a four page summery of the testing results.  To request the complete 100 page document by mail, please contact



Additional References
Ira Janowitz, PT, CPE       Ph. 925-351-1142
Sr. Ergonomics Consultant / University of California San Francisco / Berkeley Ergonomics Program





The GRIPSystem, Topic of ergonomics engineering presentation
Paskiewicz, J., and Fathallah, F.A. (2003). The effects of a manual furniture handling device on muscle activity and kinematics of the lower back. To appear in the Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 47th Annual Meeting. Santa Monica, CA: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.
UC Davis - Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory


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