GRIPSystem - Professional Moving Equipment
OSHA Publicity!
Our thanks to the people at Cal-OSHA for including the GRIPsystem in their annual catalog of alternative safety products.

Test Results Are In!
A two year study at the University of California Davis reports that use of the GRIPSystem reduces back strain by up to 70%

NEW Colors
The GRIPSystem is now available in four color combinations to suit your company needs.

Refined Design
In an effort to improve an already amazing device, the GRIPSystem's R&D department has streamlined the harness and added a sizing chart for user convenience.



























P.O. Box 691692
Stockton, Ca 95269-1692
Toll Free 877-842-5903
US Patent # 6.508,389
Canadian Pat # 2,362,089
Moving Solutions
Since 1999
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