Ergonomics & OSHA
Our thanks to the people at Cal-OSHA for including the GRIPsystem in their annual catalog of alternative safety products.

Test Results Are In!
A two year study at the University of California Davis reports that use of the GRIPSystem reduces back strain by up to 70%

NEW Colors
The GRIPSystem is now available in four color combinations to suit your company needs.

Refined Design
In an effort to improve an already amazing device, the GRIPSystem's R&D department has streamlined the harness and added a sizing chart for user convenience.


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Grip System Ergonomics & Product Information

Moving Straps


Perfect for tough moving jobs

The GRIPSystems design allows two users to lift and move large, heavy objects while keeping the correct "safe" lifting posture, forcing the weight of the object on the users legs instead of the lower back.  This allows the user to relax and concentrate on the moving path, leaving the hands free to maneuver and negotiate the course with maximum precision and control. 

Reducing the risk of injuries to the lower back by utilizing proper ergonomic design and body mechanics has made the GRIPSystem a useful tool in labor intensive industries where risk management is a concern, and where improper lifting techniques can result in high percentages of back injuries.

This device was tested extensively "on the job" over a five year period as well as completing an extensive two year biomechanics study at the University of California at Davis.  Data was recently published in two national medical journals proving that a reduction of strain and stress to the lower back while using the GRIPSystem was as high as 70%.  This makes the GRIPSystem the first product of it's kind ever produced to yield such proven positive results.


Product Features

  • Durable Nylon Webbing Construction (Weight rated at over 1500lbs)
  • Closed cell foam padding on the shoulders and lower back at the pressure points for user comfort
  • Adjustable back support for a perfect fit and maximum effectiveness.
  • Dual height adjustments for complete user control of object placement and ground clearance.
  • Durable (replaceable) nylon webbing cross straps

 International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics


Harness - Rear View

Harness - Front View